Miller Farms built the first of four Greenhouses in 2000. In our Greenhouses we grow all kinds of plants and vegetables!

We have some very unique hanging baskets that boast a wide combination of flowers and plants as well as some truly huge baskets! Our combination planters are very unique as well, in terms of their larger size and gorgeous combinations.

You’ll also find a large selection of vegetable plants. We are meticulous with our seeding process to provide a continuous supply of strong, young plants.

Our flower and vegetable plants are available late April through July. Some Cale crops are also available early April.

Please call 301-399-2951 for more information on our Nursery and plant and vegetable availability! Thank You!

Miller Farms is locally famous for our “Mum” crop!

Starting in September, Miller Farms grows around 8,000 mums. It is a spectacular site to see all of the many different bright and beautiful colors of these flowers in bloom in early Autumn! It’s definitely worth the trip to stop by and see them!

Most of our Mums are sold retail, but the Farm does sell some at wholesale.

For more information, please call 301-399-2951! Thank You!