Free Range Chicken Eggs

The newest addition to Miller Farms is the 600 Rhode Island Reds. This type of chicken lays exceptionally well and lay up to five eggs per week. They tend to lay, on average, extra large brown eggs. Rhode Island Red chickens are also known for their easy-going temperment which makes it a perfect Fall attraction on our Hay Ride Tours.

All of our chickens are free range and eat a healthy diet of grains, grass, and bugs. We have no cages and they are able to go inside and outside as they please. When chickens have the ability to move freely and eat what they want, they produce healthier and fresher eggs. When chickens are caged, they are force to eat certain foods and can not move around freely, which causes unnatural behaviors like feather plucking and pecking other chickens. Having free range chickens is a much more humane and healthier way to produce eggs.

We are beginning to produce and sell our Free Range Chicken eggs at our Direct Market and our Farmers Markets. Our eggs will be available for wholesale, soon.

If you have any questions, please call 301-399-5485 or 301-399-0168

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