Miller Farms has been Wholesaling produce since the early 1900’s! We grow an average of 225 acres of produce each year!

Back then, Harry Miller would take produce into Washington, D.C. by horse and wagon.  He would tell us stories about how he used to get .25 cents for a barrel of cabbage, or tomatoes for .10 cents. And the times that Harry didn’t sell much, he’d bring all of the produce back with him and feed it to the animals so at least somebody benefited from it!

As time went on, Harry’s sons Henry and Charlie began to take a more active role on the farm. During the 40s, 50s and 60s they would grow sweet potatoes and sell them to a few local food chains as well as the Washington Zoo – The monkeys and the elephants loved them!

In the early 1980’s, Miller Farms began to sell things to Jessup, MD’s Wholesale Market, which was a great success, but eventually led to an even bigger opportunity – in the 1990’s, Miller Farms became a part of Giant Food’s Locally Grown Program. That’s pretty much where we are today!

Please call 301-399-5485 for availability and pricing information! We’re also typically looking for folks to help work on the farm with our produce as well, please call for more info there as well! Thank You!