Picking Your Own Strawberries is one of our customer favorite activities and a really neat opportunity that you don’t often see other places. Come on down and spend some “hands on” time picking out the biggest, juiciest strawberries you can find!

We grow the “Chandler” Strawberry here at Miller Farms!

What is a Chandler Strawberry? Well, think of the sweetest, largest and most beautiful strawberry you’ve ever seen/tasted… that’s it! The Chandler is typically the strawberry stores use in pictures and signs – it just looks so good you HAVE to have one!

Better still, it’s a very versatile fruit to grow. It can be grown on plastic and with the right attention – they must be covered just right with a lightweight Remay Cotton Cloth – they can even grow and thrive in the Winter.

Our Pickin’ Season begins mid-May and goes through mid-June – This is a much earlier start to the strawberry season than most other standard Maryland grown berries!

For more information, please call 301-297-9370 or 301-399-5485! Thank you!