Deuteronomy: Chapter 24; Verses 19-21:“…says to the farmer not harvest your crop a second time; to leave some for the aliens, orphans and the widows.”

Leviticus: Chapter 19; Verses 9-10:“When harvesting your crops, you should not be so thorough that you reap everything… to leave some for the poor alien.”


Miller Farms has been involved now in “Gleaning” for many years. Gleaning is when one person or a group of people go into a farmer’s field and harvest whatever there is left after market to take and give to the poor.

This past year, we have hosted individuals, future Farmer’s of America (150 young farmers from all over the U.S.!), the United States Farm Bureau (100 volunteers strong), Tyson Foods (another 100 strong) and Bancroft Elementary School (yet another 100 folks!).

The crops they harvested were kale, collards, turnips, mustard, eggplant and some squash.

We would love to host you or your group at our farm for our next Gleaning. For more information about how you can get involved, how you can help by donating or just more info on Gleaning in general, please call Tom Chandler at 703-856-7484.

Here’s a thought: Do you garden? What do you do with some of the extra produce you find yourself with after gardening?

At Miller Farms, we take all of our #2 produce, day old donuts and other bakery items to give to the poor, central kitchens and others.

Everything that we have, God has given us. We as human beings should not be content to take, take and take and think of only ourselves. It’s time to give some back!

Again, for more information, please call Tom Chandler at 703-856-7484 0r call us at Miller Farms at 301-399-5485. Thank You!